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  • How do salt lamps work?

    So how do Himalayan Salt Lamps work? The salt crystals, combined with the light source from the bulb in the lamp produce negative ions. These act as neutralizers to positive ions in the air, carried by things like mold, allergens and bacteria. This Read More
  • Mighty Liver and how to keep it healthy

    Lets’ talk about mighty liver and how to keep it healthy since it's an essential organ, which detoxifies the body. In total, over 500 chemical and metabolic functions take place in the liver. Among its many jobs, the liver is Read More
  • Replace your morning coffee with this….

    It’s no secret that your morning routine set’s the stage for your entire day. Waking up with a positive attitude, while fueling optimally is always desired, but let’s get real, life doesn’t always come served on a platinum platter. Read More
  • 10 detox steps

    Our toxic exposure has increased dramatically and it’s going up! So, we need to rely on both food and dietary supplements for a truly effective detox. As a Holistic Nutritionist, I put most of the emphasis on the foods we consume. That’s Read More
  • Top 10 food rules

    Hey friends! Holistic as Heck nutritionist Candace Bell here to suggest some light, enjoyable, and yet educational reading material for the spring. If you’re interested in eating and/or living in a healthier way, but aren’t sure where to begin, here’s a Read More
  • ​The great North American deficiency

    Holistic as Heck nutritionist Candace Bell here, to present to you this riddle about a very common North American deficiency that keeps a lot of people from feeling and performing their best. Any guess as to what it is? This Read More
  • Attack of seasonal allergies

      If you are one of the many people who suffer from seasonal allergies, and are tired of relying on drug store antihistamines, read on! There are many natural alternatives that will help treat common allergy symptoms, help reduce inflammation, and Read More
  • What's your ideal diet?

    As some of you may already know, I challenged myself to try a Ketogenic Diet for my new years resolution to help me kick my carb cravings and to see how it affected my athletic performance. Read More
  • How a cleanse can improve your workouts

    Detoxification is the process of removing harmful or toxic substances from the body. Why detoxify? Toxins and a build up of allergenic sources to the body will slow it down. You can't build a clean body on an unhealthy terrain. Read More
  • What the heck is "Holistic"?

    The word "holistic" seems to be sort of tossed around these days. It's treated a bit like a new cool term often used inaccurately.. like "all natural" or "superfood" (or "literally" for that matter, but that's besides the point...). But what Read More
  • 1 How do salt lamps work?
  • 2 Mighty Liver and how to keep it healthy
  • 3 Replace your morning coffee with this….
  • 4 10 detox steps
  • 5 Top 10 food rules
  • 6 ​The great North American deficiency
  • 7 Attack of seasonal allergies
  • 8 What's your ideal diet?
  • 9 How a cleanse can improve your workouts
  • 10 What the heck is "Holistic"?

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